Leather or Vinyl Jacket Repair Kit, Motorcycle Black

Easy DIY Adhesive for Boots, Bags, Seats

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Leather or Vinyl Jacket Repair Kit,I once taught a 16-year-old boy to ride a scooter. It was a cute little Honda Metropolitan with a black vinyl seat. He was very excited because there was a small town parade coming up and he wanted to ride in the parade. So off we went to a big parking lot to learn to ride a twist & go scooter, which is about the easiest thing to ride, ever. He did well, and we had no worries. So when the big day came, he was there with the little scooter, ready to roll. Well, he was pretty spun up, and maybe had a little too much sugar and caffeine, and one thing led to another, and he ended up doing what many of us have done in our time -- the scoot got out of control. And instead of letting go of the throttle, he had a death grip on it and was holding it full open while trying to get back on the seat. That little Metro actually climbed halfway up a brick wall before he finally let the throttle go, and then the scooter slid back down the wall, tearing open the seat.

The boy was, of course, devastated. Especially since the scooter was not his. But it was OK! Thanks goodness for DIY vinyl and leather repair kits. This particular kit comes with 7 tubes of black repair compound, 1 tub of vinyl adhesive, a spatula, backing fabric, grain paper, and instructions. Repairing vinyl or leather is not difficult, but it is one of those things that you get better at over time, so I always recommend that before you repair the item you actually bought the kit for, practice on something you can then throw away.

This kit requires no heat. It can be used on black leather and vinyl boots, gloves, jackets, saddle bags, chaps, pants and seats.

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