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Icon Field Armor Leg Guard Regardless of the kind of riding you do, your shins take a lot of hits. Even riding a cruiser you get bugs, rocks, and (sadly enough) the occasional bolt that shakes loose. This does not even address the violent existence of a trail and track rider's shins.

Icon's Field Armor leg guards provide enough impact resistance to make these daily tribulations unnoticeable. Form fitting, the molded plastic will take the lumps for you in comfort and style. These guards will fit under your jeans, but won't make you look like a jugger if you wear them on the exterior.

Breathable nylon mesh keeps the backs of your knees from becoming disgusting and the stretch adjustments straps ensure the right fit for you. Honestly, there is no reason not to slide these on before a long ride. If you're out for a vacation, you don't want to slip on shorts for a walk later and reveal shins that look like you've come down with a nasty case of leprosy.

Icon's prices keep these within the pocket range of just about every rider. These are perfect for the street rider who wants top notch protection without advertising their sense of personal safely. If you race, you probably have some heavy duty armor, but any other kind of riding could benefit from these guards.

Take a look at the Icon lineup of arm and elbow armor, too. It's worth the extra protection.

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