Icon Shin Guard, Custom Field Armor

Black Leg Nylon Slim Fit

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Icon Field Leg ArmorWhile protective gear for motorcyclists continues to improve, there are still gaps in our armor. One of the products to help chink that gap for street riders is Icon's Field Armor for your legs. Or shin guards, if you prefer.

It's not just a simple knee-pad; these are larger than they appear in the picture, covering your leg from the top of your knee to the top of your foot. That full coverage is also what makes these unique and supremely beneficial. Nicely padded on the inside, the four adjustable straps - three on the lower section, one above the knee - can give you the custom fit you need. Some say the straps are a little short, so anyone with large calves should definitely check these out in person, first.

The padding fits inside a nylon mesh chassis, and the chassis fits into a plastic outer guard. The best part of this armor is its slim design meant to go underneath your jeans. Probably looser jeans, regular riding pants, or leathers would be the better fit.

This is a great idea, and Icon did a good job putting it together. For a reasonable price you get lower leg protection that could save you from serious damage in a crash. No armor is impenetrable, but extra layers are always a boon when it comes to flesh meeting asphalt.

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