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Sissy Bar Luggage Bag 94571-08

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Harley-Davidson Backpack I've always had mixed feelings about Harley-Davidson accessories. They have some beautiful, well-made bits that I desperately want to bolt to my bike, but then I see their logo on everything from mud flaps to minivans. I respect a company that puts out great products, but they tend to plaster their name around town like an insecure real estate agent on so many park benches.

I suppose that's why I find myself so fond of their Sissy Bar Backpack. It's never going to be a Harley icon, but they saw a need and were ready to fill it. Not just for students, the Sissy Bar Backpack gives any rider a place to keep whatever they own that will fit in 1,600 cubic inches. It's easy to take off the bike and is as convenient and comfortable as any other backpack.

However, you can rest assured that this is not, despite its appearance, just any other backpack. It is made to strap to the passenger backrest and has plenty of internal padding to protect a laptop. This backpack comes with a rain cover, because you can't give up the commute just because there's a little precipitation.

High quality backpacks are not cheap, and this is a Harley pack so it's certainly no exception. The simple color scheme and nearly generic backpack look, however, will never go out of style. So long as you treat it well, you can have this handy pack for a very long time.

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