Sissy Bar Motorcycle Backrest for Harley-Davidson Sportster

Mount XL 1200 by Volar Motorsports

Posted by Andy

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Sissy Bar Motorcycle Backrest forThere's a big difference between riding a bike, and riding ON a bike. For those of us who are seldom the passenger, you've probably never really thought of what goes through their minds when you take off at lights or hug the corners through windy roads. I can tell you from candid interviews that usually what's going on through the minds of the passenger is: "Holy crap, I'm going to die."

This isn't the case with seasoned passengers, but there will always be those friends of friends that want a ride that can't enjoy themselves because of the terror they feel with every twist of the throttle. If you've seen this before, try strapping on one of the Volar Motorsport's Harley Sportster XL1200 Sissy Bar Backrest. It's built out of steel and chrome plated to match your cruiser. It comes with all the hardware you need to mount it and is designed to fit most Harley-Davidson models. The padding material is made out of a synthetic leather and seems to hold up really well in weathered conditions.

The Sissy Bar Backrest is just the thing to give a new passenger a little bit of security when they jump on the back of your hog for the first time. Just try not to scare them to death on the freeway.

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