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Bobster Eyewear Gunner Glasses Coming home from a long day of work, all you think you want to do is put up your feet. You think you're tired, but after an hour at home on the couch, you realize that all you really want is to get out on your bike and unwind. As the light fades during your evening ride you probably don't want the interruption of pulling over to take off your sunglasses and put on clear goggles. Bobster Eyewear's Gunner sunglasses are photochromic -- so as the sun goes down, so will the tint.

Gunner sunglasses combine features of goggles and glasses. They look like sunglasses so you won't have that bug-eye look (which, incidentally, I kind of like) and they can be worn fashionably off the bike. Removable closed-cell foam around the lenses will keep the wind and grit out of your eyes and prevent fogging. If you're concerned that your $80 sunglasses might fly off when you turn your head to check for traffic, Gunners come with a detachable strap akin to a goggle strap.

Most riders find the lowest level of the photochromic tint to be acceptable for nighttime riding, but Bobster also provides a set of clear lenses with the Gunner sunglasses. The replaceable lenses make these prescription-ready as well.

Made for the road, Gunner sunglasses have been impact tested and are certified as personal protection gear. In Michigan, protective eyewear is a legal necessity, so it's nice that Bobster thought to make some good looking specs for the ride. These glasses come with a carry case and microfiber cloth to keep them in good shape.

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