Bobster Cruiser Goggles II

Flexible Interchangeable Smoke, Amber & Clear Goggle Lens

Posted by Andy

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Bobster Cruiser Goggles II It's great to have a helmet that comes with different shades of visors. You never know during a long day of riding when you might need the protection from the sun that the smoke visor offers, or when you're coming to a dark road where the hi-vis visor would work better. My only problem is that you have to have someplace to store those visors, and they always scratch really easily, so shoving them in a backpack isn't the best idea. "But Andy," you ask, "Why don't you just bring a couple of pairs of goggles with you? That'll fix that problem." Sure it will Fred, but again, those are three pairs of goggles that will end up getting lost somewhere. I've got a better solution, though.

I've recently bought a pair of the Bobster Cruiser II goggles, and they're the complete package. First and foremost, they are comfortable and do a great job of flexing to fit your face just right. The frames are made of a flexible plastic that is said to be unbreakable, but I'm not willing to bet they can't be broken. What I really enjoy about them is that they come with three sets of lenses. Smoke, Amber, and Clear. All you have to do is pop the lenses out of the goggle frame and replace them with the color you need. It's really like owning three different pairs of goggles in one. The Cruiser II goggles come in a belt clip-able pouch, so you can keep all your spare lenses in, as well as a holder for the goggles when you're not using them.

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