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Motorcycle Stand Rear Swingarm for Garage, Storage

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Black Widow Rear Motorcycle StandFewer and fewer bikes have center stands these days. The sport bikes, specifically, tend to have only side stands. Even the bikes that used to have center stands have had them removed for custom exhaust systems or to reduce the overall weight of the machine.

If you wrench, you know the value of lifting your bike up straight. I can't even check my oil accurately without having the bike upright, let alone change a tire, change the oil, or work on the belly of the beast.

Black Widow's rear motorcycle stand can take the place of a center stand and add a few inches of lift. The stand is constructed of 1.25-inch steel tubing with full welding and weighs about 10 pounds. You can lift almost any dual-sided swingarm bike with just one hand. The Black Widow stand works on a simple principle: leverage.

Rubber coated lifting pads prevent damage to your swingarm and the rest of the stand has a black, powder coat finish. The four three-inch wheels roll the stand into place, lifting your bike 13.5 inches off the ground.

Getting this kind of lift is a great way to store your bike in the winter months to prevent rot or flat spots where the wheel is in contact with cement. Black Widow also sells a front wheel stand so you can get your bike completely off the ground if you are overprotective of your machine when it's in hibernation, or if you need to do some serious work on it.

The Black Widow rear motorcycle stand will only work with bikes that have dual, rear swingarms that are 10 to 13.5 inches wide.

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