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Black Widow

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Black Widow Front Wheel Motorcycle StandThe absence of a center stand on most sport bikes and cruisers makes regular maintenance for the casual mechanic a bit tricky. There seems to be plenty of options for universal rear bike stands that use the swingarm, but due to so many variations in design and size of front forks, finding a good front wheel stand is a bit more challenging. Black Widow has come up with an intuitive design for its front wheel stand that aims to truly make it universal.

Constructed of thick 1 1/4-inch powder-coated steel tubing, the Black Widow stand is a handy tool for front tire changes, brake work, or anything else that might require you to get the front wheel off the ground. The stand uses two 2.5-inch long rubber-coated pivoting arms that hold the forks from the bottom and support them from the back. This unique design means just about any fork can be supported. It will lift the front tire off the ground by about two to four inches depending on the tire size. The four three-inch wheels give the stand a nice wide contact patch for stability and provide a smooth transition from the ground. The stand can be adjusted from six to 10 inches wide to accommodate different bikes. It also has a nice long eight-inch handle to give you all the leverage you need to get everything off the ground.

The ability to securely stabilize your bike is not only handy but makes wrenching a lot safer than depending on a side stand. This stand is decently priced compared to others out there, and if you combine it with a rear stand you can really dig into your ride for all sorts of projects.

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