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Unisex Rain Suit PS1072-02

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Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Rain SuitAbout 3 years ago some of us rode from Portland, Oregon to Reno, Nevada, in June. Although it was late June, we hit the craziest weather you can think of. In every tiny little town we stopped, people said, "Sure is crazy weather fer this time of year". In some towns, depending on the weather, people looked at us and said, "You ain't ridin in this, are you?" Umm... no. I was thinking about parking right here until late summer. Yes, I am riding in this.

Anyway... We hit freezing rain, freezing fog, golf-ball-sized hail, snow, gale-force winds, and just about everything miserable you can imagine. No-one had enough to wear. And although we had layers, we didn't have rain suits. In Lakeview, California, where it was snowing, we bought roping gloves and cheap rubber rain suits. And we rode on. By the time we got to Portland, we were wearing the remains of shredded yellow plastic suits -- they literally flew off us in pieces.

How I wish I had a Frogg Togg Bullfrog Rain Suit. It is lightweight, breathable, and tough, made from 100% second-generation polypropylene, which makes it puncture resistant. It has sealed seams and hook-and-loop adjustable cuffs, making it practically watertight. The cost runs between $59 to $85 depending on your size, so this is well worth it. It folds up small when you aren't wearing it, and when you need to wear it, boy are you happy you have it! And it won't shred off you in bits of yellow plastic debris littering the California highways, and you don't have to explain your silly roping gloves to every gas station attendant you meet.

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