AGV Forza Racing Suit

Brazilian Leather Black Gunmetal One Piece

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AGV Forza Racing Suit Racing suits are cool. They remind me of superhero suits. You just need a cape. But aside of the cool factor and the fact that you look like a space man ripping down the highway, racing suits offer a level of safety and comfort that is hard to obtain with more traditional riding gear such as leather coats and chaps. How many times have I found myself with a wet butt because rain either ran down the back of my coat and somehow found its way into my leather pants, or it puddled underneath my bum in the seat and eventually soaked the leather? If I had a quarter for every time that happened, I'd be living in the Hamptons with a standard poodle instead of north Portland with an insane Scottish terrier.

But I digress. This AGV Forza racing suit is gunmetal black, made of 1.4mm thick Brazilian leather. It is designed to maximize airflow and cooling, which is good because one of the drawbacks of one-piece suits is overheating in a poorly-designed suit. But the Forza is beautifully designed, with perforations in the torso and legs and Advanced Safety Seam Construction. It is abrasion-resistant and has double-stitching throughout the suit and triple stitching in all critical areas. There are Kevlar stretch panels on the inside of the
arms, behind the knees, and in the crotch.  It also comes with
removable armor.  There are reflective badges sewn into the design
that not only look good but increase night-time visibility.

The suit runs around $365 and can be found in US even sizes up to 52.

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