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Frogg Toggs Road Toad Suit The necessary evil of rain gear has come into its season. Sure, there are summer torrents, but a hearty rider can grit her teeth and tough it out 'til the next stop. In these cold days, the wet leads to a chill that extracts all the joy from a ride except for perhaps a little pride in being able to bull your way through it.

Frogg Toggs Road Toad rain gear is a full set of breathable polypropylene apparel. Of course, they are waterproof and cinch around the wrists, waist, and ankles to create a reliable fit. There is waterproof taping over seams, so you won't get seepage around the stitches.

Made to wear over your other gear or a big fluffy sweatshirt, Toggs are lightweight. There is a pocket pass-through so you won't be cut off from your wallet, and the hood zips off. The hood is designed to go under your helmet, but I've never found that to work very well. Maybe my helmet is too snug.

I don't see much rain on sunny days, so Frogg Eyzz technology is included, which is Frogg Toggs' reflective piping to enhance visibility. Available in black or gray, I recommend the gray if you want to increase your chance of being seen. The Road Toad suit is compact, and you can probably find a place in your bags for it.

The whole suit costs around $60, but there are some pretty serious drawbacks. The zipper is not well made, which can completely negate the function of rain gear. Also, Frogg Toggs seriously neglected biker specific needs, such as heat shielding; your pipes will melt right through these.

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