Fieldsheer Mens Motorcycle Rain Suit, One Piece

Sugo Max Waterproof Nylon

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Fieldsheer Mens Motorcycle Rain Suit,I live in the beautiful Southwest, so rain suits are not typically on the forefront of my mind. For me they are a seldom used, unglamorous item relegated to some recess of my touring luggage.

That is all well and good, but when you need a good rain suit, you REALLY need a good rain suit. Last summer, I rode through 50 miles of driving rain from the White Mountains of Arizona to southwestern New Mexico. When I arrived in Silver City, NM, about 80% of my body was soaked. As it turned out, my cheap rain suit's seams had separated in the crotch area, and the coat had ridden up and allowed rain to permeate between the pants and coat. Needless to say, I now pay more attention to rain suits.

The Fieldsheer Sugo Max 1-Piece Rainsuit would have been my best friend on that lonely stretch of wet blacktop. The one-piece design would have alleviated a big portion of my problem on that trip. The double-stitched, overlapped, glued, heat-sealed, and electronically-welded seams would have prevented the rest. The shell of the Sugo is 100% Waterproof PU Coated Nylon. The suit includes a mesh liner and back venting for comfort and body moisture dissipation.

The only thing I would question about this suit is the predominately black color which could make it steamy when the sun finally comes out. Other than that, this is another great Fieldsheer offering.

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