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AGV SP6 Leather Suit I always used to giggle at the guys on sport bikes wearing the mono-suit. Is it Ultra Man? If so, where are Godzilla, Mothra and Ghidorah? Now that I've identified myself as a consummate geek of a certain age, I'll also admit that as I've gotten older and ridden more miles through harsher weather -- and lived to tell about it -- I cast a wondering and slightly envious eye at the mono-suited boys (and girls, but not in this particular suit, as it is molded for men).

A one-piece riding suit solves the problems of coats slipping or sliding up your back as you pick up speed, losing body heat in harsh weather, and the always-fun bumblebee that somehow hitches a ride under your coat and walks leisurely up your back while you practically ride into a ditch trying to get stopped before you get stung.

The AGV SP6 one-piece leather suit is manufactured in premium 1.5mm cowhide leather. Quality is the name of the game, and it is double AND triple stitched in all the "owie" areas (elbows, knees, booty, etc.) where you are likely to have abrasion should you meet pavement. There are Kevlar stretch panels on the insides of arm and leg joints to increase comfort and mobility. The suit comes with full vents in the torso, arms and legs, which is good because you can't exactly take off half of it. It also has removable armor in the shoulders, elbows and knees. Make sure your suit fits you extremely well, because when you're wearing armor in a suit that doesn't fit, you feel like you have blocks of wood floating around randomly in your suit. Last but not least, this suit has reflective "badges" all over it, which is good because it's black. So if you ride a dark bike, have a dark helmet, and wear this suit, well, you're practically invisible.

This suit costs somewhere around $450. But so can a good coat, and when you put quality leather pants or chaps on top of that, you're likely to save money in the long run.

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