Tour Master Elite Series II

Mens Motorcycle Rainsuit

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Tourmaster Elite Series II Riding with a good waterproof coat, or even a 2-piece rain suit, won't stop a torrent of rainwater from running down your back, into your pants, or through any tiny gap in your gear. If you know the weather will be foul on your trip, suck it up and throw on a rainsuit.

Tour Master's Elite Series II is a one-piece suit constructed of waterproof nylon, backed by polyurethane, and sewn up with sealed seams. A high microfiber-lined neck with a storable Aqua-Barrier under-the-helmet hood will prevent your spine from becoming a riverbed.

The Elite rainsuit is meant to be worn over your other gear. Elastic cuffs and waist will give you the right fit regardless of the level of riding protection you wear under it, and the Scotchlite reflective piping and logos will ensure your night riding visibility.

Rain doesn't mean cold, so Tour Master included underarm grommets and a polyester mesh lining for air circulation from the scoop vent system. Air access means water access, so all of the outlets and intakes have been strategically placed to allow water to flow over but not in.

Tour Master included a hanging loop in the design. After a long, wet ride, you can leave your suit to hang-dry as you hit the pub. Style is lacking in any one-piece suit. I don't know why, but as soon as you attach pants to a coat, it's footy pajamas all over again. Remember, looking like a wuss is better than looking like you peed yourself. Available in black, red, blue, or yellow, a one-piece rain suit is worth every penny.

Here's another rain suit to consider from Fieldsheer.

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