Rocket Cycles – Past, Present and Future

Posted by Ken

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From crazy Germans of the 1930's to record-breaking speed-demons of today, motorcyclists have always had a fascination with rocket-powering their engines.

And who can blame them? Feeling the rush of the extreme acceleration while seeing the smoke and flames burst from the tailpipe is a high that few of us have experienced, yet all of us have imagined.

Here we provide the first comprehensive guide to rocket cycles past, present and future. See thrill-seeking Germans as they kick-start the sport, champion daredevil Evel Knievel point his rocket cycle skyward, and Hollywood visionaries dream of a somewhat-goofy rocket-powered future.

Part I: Rocket Cycles of the Past
Assassination attempts, the Human Fly and the God of All Things Daredevil
Part II: Rocket Cycles of Today
Diehard rocketeers and jet engines gone mainstream
Part III: Rocket Cycles of the Future
Artists imagine a bizarro future filled with Rocket Cycles

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