Raider Motorcycle Gloves, Black

Budget Mens Black Leather Bike or ATV Gauntlet

Posted by Andy

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Raider Motorcycle Gloves, Black Have you ever ran down a track in high school and suddenly tripped over your own two feet to find yourself falling hands-first onto the semi-soft shredded rubber compound, only to pick yourself up and notice that your palms are bleeding? Well, if not, you're lucky. I know from experience that landing on pavement, asphalt, or even sometimes grass, can still leave your hands in bad shape. For this reason, I look at these gloves and wonder: "Really? Will these gloves really save my skin?"

These gloves offer little for the motorcyclists, except for being easy on the wallet. Look at what they advertise: "Made of premium materials." Well, that could mean a lot of things. "Designed to provide extra comfort." Sounds nice, but what does it mean -- it protects from the cold or rain? I'm not saying that the Raider Black motorcycle gloves aren't any good. I just have some serious doubts about anything safety-gear-wise that costs less than a meal from Red Robin.

The main thing that any rider, whether they are new to the game or well seasoned, should look for in a pair of gloves is: how do they protect? Do they have double stitching in the palms? Do they have gel protection in the knuckles? Do they provide insulation from the cold?

Of course your budget is going to come into play, and maybe the Raider gloves fit in that budget nicely. They're inexpensive, but somehow I think that that may be the only thing to like about them. Here are some gloves that I've ridden in that may be a little more money, but will provide a lot more protection.

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