Next Dimension Bike Spray Cleaner & Polish

14 Oz. Case

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Next Dimension Bike Spray Cleaner &Next Dimension bike polish is, by far, the industry leader in waterless cleaners. Manufactured by Amrep, other companies have used the same formula and added their own labels and scents. Honda's old spray cleaner and polish was the same stuff, so if you've been missing your Honda cleaner, today is your lucky day.

This cleaner and polish will take care of your paint, plastic, chrome, and glass. A little on your fork seals wouldn't hurt either, as it protects vinyl, plastic, and rubber from U.V. damage. Next Dimension will help your bike stay clear of dust with anti-static properties, and the rider will never have to juggle a myriad of surface-specific cleansers.

Next Dimension Spray Cleaner & Polish is light and easy to carry. If you want to make an impression when you arrive at your destination, a quick once-over with Next Dimension will clean off grease, dirt, and bugs. Next Dimension does a reasonable job for most bug batter without scrubbing. I say "most" because it won't make easy work of cleaning after an evening ride past the lake in mayfly season, but nothing else will either... yuck.

This formula has developed a following among many riders. Give it a try and you won't go back. If you've been too lazy to keep your machine clean up until now, this cleaner may change your ways and stop you from looking so neglectful. Some people even bring it into the house to clean television sets, kitchen appliances, and computer cases. This Next Dimension cleaner is not expensive, so it is a good bargain to pick up by the case. Store it inside during the off season though -- it will freeze.

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