Icon Mens Regulator Vest

Black Leather Aircooled

Posted by Nick

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Icon Mens Regulator Vest When summertime is upon us, that's good news for every moto-head out there. Motorcyclists are lucky. Most areas of society have shunned the convenient piece of clothing that has become iconic to the identity of two-wheeled lovers the world over. I often wonder if the first person bold enough to remove the sleeves from his jacket and then dawn his Frankensteinian creation in public on a hot summer's night even considered his fashion statement would practically become the mandatory uniform of bad-ass-iron-horse-riding rebels across the globe.

OK, that's enough on the history of vests. Icon's Aircooled Regulator Vest is a 1.4mm leather piece that features a wicked-looking skull set against a picture of a 4-cylinder, V-twin engine. The black leather vest features removable back armor, cross-draw pistol pockets if you happen to be packing heat, and lots of venting on the sides with three adjustable straps on each side.

The look of the vest is definitely more new-age than traditional. But Icon is no stranger to taking fashion risks. Those risks often pay off big time for the company as plenty of Icon's products have become a bit, well, iconic. If you can swallow the price tag, dig the look, and are in the market for a few more skulls to add to your wardrobe, check out the Regulator. And the 7th Seal Arc jacket from Icon.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    The vest has a picture of a 45 degree v twin engine. Not 4 cylinder.

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