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Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Jacket | Joe Rocket AccessoryCombine the cachet of Honda Goldwing with the hipness of Joe Rocket and what do you get? Joe Goldwing? OK, dumb question. What you get is this jacket!

This Motorcycle Jacket sports a nylon outer shell made with Hitena. What is Hitena, you ask? Seems that every jacket maker has their own version of Gore-Tex, but of course they can't call it Gore-Tex since that's trademarked. Hitena is Joe Rocket's breathable/waterproof hybrid material that's similar to Gore-Tex.

It also sports a waterproof liner for those days when you need a little extra weather protection and warmth. Or, if it's a nice day out, you can unzip the torso panels to leave behind a barely-there, mostly-mesh jacket.

The shoulders and elbows feature CE-rated protection pads, while the spine pad is removable and can be upgraded to a CE-rated one as well.

Other features include adjustable sleeves, an adjustable waistband, and snaps for attaching the jacket to a belt.

Available in four different color combinations including black/titanium as shown at right. Also available are dark red and black, dark blue and black and yellow and black.

You want your Honda looking nice, too -- so here's a cover to keep it safe outdoors.

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