Helmet Skirt by Schampa

Motorcycle Windproof Weatherproof Neck Fleece

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Helmet Skirt by Schampa When it comes to riding in the not-so-perfect weather, there have been many tools invented that are designed for utility, and maybe not so much for the style. Style is important in some aspects of life, but not so much when you're freezing.

The Shampa Helmet Skirt is a great example of something that might look a little bit ridiculous at first, but once you've used it, the benefits clearly outweigh any odd glances you might get. The outer material is tough nylon which is wind- and weather-proof. The inner material is made up of a nice soft fleece which doesn't bunch up against your jacket or other gear. The Skirt is designed to keep the cold air from running under your helmet and freezing your face. It completely removes the need to wear a balaclava, so if your helmet is a pretty snug fit to begin with, don't worry about having to cram your head and facemask into it. It installs in seconds, even with your helmet already on. A good tip is: when you're installing the Velcro strip for the first time, cut the side that goes on your helmet in segments first, otherwise the curve of your helmet will make the adhesive on the Velcro come off and it won't work as well. Don't let the cold keep you from riding, and who cares if it looks just a little different?

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