Hammy the Hamster Cheats Death, Jumps Harley Over Chasm

Posted by Ken

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What's this — a daredevil hamster?! When I heard about Hammy the Harley-Jumping Hamster, I just had to investigate.

Turns out, Hammy is a juvenile rodent from the Pacific Northwest with a bit of a wild streak. That is, if you consider "wild streak" to mean "leaps a Harley Davidson over a chasm roughly twelve times his body length." Even Evel Knievel had trouble clearing an analogous distance consistently, but this hamster seems to laugh in the face of danger.

I admit I was skeptical at first. And I know you will be as well. That's why I've put together this special video presentation of Hammy completing his latest jump. Click on the video below to see for yourself.

No Hamsters Harmed

Luckily, no hamsters were harmed in the making of this extraordinary movie. Hammy announced his retirement shortly after completing this jump but, like many other famous daredevils, may find the lure of the spotlight to be too great to sit on the sidelines for long.


That catchy music featured in the video was created by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com. He's got a ton of great stuff like that at his site.

Hammy may or may not, on occasion, work with an accomplice a stunt coordinator named "Mister." Google "Mister Hamster" if you'd like to seek out the services of Mister.

Got something to say about Hammy? Leave a comment below. But please don't ask me why Hammy wasn't wearing a helmet. I'm sure that even this one would not have fit.

29 Responses

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  2. Jim Says:

    Ridiculously cute, I loved it! I’d love to see more.

  3. Ruby Lee Says:

    …but i would actually feel sorry for the hamster…it would have distress!!!!!!! :] but anyone could do that!!!!
    whatz so important???????? i could do that to!!!! duh!!!!
    :] :)

  4. Kathy Says:

    That poor hamster! I bet he got a heart attack, that’s why he retired! LOL that was really funny!

  5. Hammy-Fan Says:

    I love Hammy
    Tja ihr wüsstet gerne was das hier heißt?
    Deutsche Sprache – Schwere Sprache

  6. Drag Says:

    This is good. I was suprised the little bugger stayed on to a perfect landing

  7. Fritz Says:

    i cant belive it a hamster ??

  8. Led Children Says:

    It was very cute, but Harleys are not good for jumping. I want to get that little bike for my Hamster =)

  9. Dei Says:

    I have to say that I have been a Hammy fan for years. Glad to see he is finally getting the fame he deserves. I am especially impressed that he does a safety check before take-off. ‘Yep, handle-bars on tight!! Let’s go!!’

  10. Hubcap Says:

    Hammy is my hero!

  11. Scott Says:

    Have to admit I found the video enjoyable but that is more results driven.

    You should be careful for you are putting your pet in harm’s way unnecessarily and even worse – on purpose. If I whipped a cat/dog 12x their body length I’m thinking you may not find it too enjoyable even if they land on their feet unharmed.

  12. Scott Says:

    Alright I’m an idiot and I apologize. Guessing now it’s a “stunt double” now that I looked more closely at the film and looked into Mister Hamster.

  13. Joe the LICENSED plumber Says:

    IF WAS FAKE!!!! Ask yourself these two questions on why they filmed it the way they did. Why wasn’t the hamster shown in the frame as the guy was winding up the motorcycle? How convenient they didn’t show the hamster because it was replaced from the previous shot with a fake one!! Secondly, after the jump, why didn’t the camera move towards the motorcycle instead of cutting to it? These two FACTS prove that it was a staged FAKE jump!!! Get a life, SHEEPLE!

  14. DUH!!! Says:

    Scott and Joe…can’t get anything past you two, huh?

  15. J D Says:

    LOL,,, GREAT VID. Although obviously a fake(stuffed toy body double) on the actual run, very well done! It’s hard to believe there are actually people who think a hamster could hold on for a ride like that, I’m sure you’ll fool millions of “sheeple” with it….. again, GREAT JOB!!!

  16. jamii Says:

    hammy is the bomb.

  17. EK Fan Says:

    All I know is that when I was a kid I thought that was the COOLEST toy EVER!!!

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  20. Elroy Says:

    It could be real…it could be fake…but I laughed my ass off and it was very worth the wait. Thank you for making my day today! :)

  21. Peanut the hamster Says:

    omg i could never do that!! i would have a heart atack and he did too probably! i tried once…… but i fell….. oopsies!!

  22. Mark Vice Says:

    I love it!


    who cares if it’s fake or not? real hamster-fake hamster, they’re all just the cutest things

  24. Anna Says:

    Oh wow! I know that plenty of ppl can do that, but HELLO?? Thats a HAMSTER up there doing “perfect ten” quality stuff. I thought Hammy would fall off, or not make the landing, but man, what a persistent hamster!! :D

  25. Anna Says:

    Oh wow! I know that plenty of ppl can do that, but HELLO?? Thats a HAMSTER up there doing “perfect ten” quality stuff. I thought Hammy would fall off, or not make the landing, but man, what a persistent hamster!! :D

  26. Anna Says:

    Oh…oh my gosh! I know that plenty of ppl can do that, but HELLO?? Thats a HAMSTER up there doing “perfect ten” quality stuff. I thought Hammy would fall off, or not make the landing, but man, what a persistent hamster!! :D

  27. Anna Says:

    Oh sorry it copied XD

  28. Dumbs Says:

    Hello?people,that was a ZhuZhuPetz?Duh!

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