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Bike Pedal Chrome Reversible F3

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Fastway F3 Foot Peg Kit Every now and then a product comes along that harks back to the best parts of childhood. When I saw the Fastway F3 foot pegs, my first thought was: bicycle pedals! My future of riding an iron horse was likely solidified when I was a little girl, riding my bicycle through the neighborhood streets like a thing possessed.

The similarity is no accident. Bicycle pedal design is time tested and the essential elements have remained unchanged for decades. They are made to hold fast to the sole of your boot through any weather. Fastway took a well-worn device and reinvented it in form and function.

A wide platform gives the rider a strong base. There would be no discomfort standing up on these pegs over rough terrain. Replaceable pins offer uncompromising grip. The F3 foot pegs can be affixed in multiple positions to suit any individual rider's preferences. Bolt these pegs onto your BMW GS, for example, and you will realize a familiar stability. (Other makes and models will accept the same comfort, of course.)

These pegs are available for almost all the major brands. F3 pegs have been electromagnetically polished and can be had for about $120. Despite my nostalgic associations, F3 pegs have a style all their own. They are a far cry from the black, plastic pedals of my youth, and I would never interrupt their manufactured look -- but I am somewhat tempted to see reflector bars adhered to the sides of them.

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