Harley Davidson Foot Pegs

Chrome, Aftermarket Part

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Harley Davidson Foot Pegs There aren't many things in life that compare to cruising down the highway with your throttle wide open and your feet stretched out in front of you. To really get the full cruising effect though, you need some cruisin' foot pegs.

These two-tone Chrome Harley foot pegs are a relatively cheap way to add some style to your ride and still get a genuine Harley Davidson product. The pegs sport the traditional mirrored-finish chrome on the outside but have a unique gold-tone inlay with the word "Harley" written in big bold letters.

Installation is as painless as it gets. The pegs just clamp right on to your engine guard. They're simple to install but don't expect them to offer much protection or survive a crash. They would likely prevent a scratch or two on the tank if you happen to lay the bike over at a stop sign or in a parking lot but they are not meant to used as sliders. Don't mistake these for stock foot peg replacements either. These are strictly for propping up the ol' boots and taking in the scenery while you ride.

The pegs come with all the hardware you need to get out there and cruise. They will fit on all 1 and 1 1/4 bars with the exception of the VRSC line.

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