PathBlazer Headlight Modulator by Kisan

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PathBlazer Headlight Modulator by Kisan The modulating headlight beam from Parker's sport bike flashed in a brilliance that could be seen from blocks away. As the general traffic, monotone and fixated on their normal evening routine, made the commute back to their dwellings, all were blended together by the low-beam camouflage found commonly in the crowd of cars on the suburban highway. Not Parker, though. His PathBlazer P115W-S Headlight Modulator causes his high beams to flash from 17% to 100% at random intervals, increasing his visibility from the front by an easy 200%.

When Parker came across this handy device by Kisan Technologies, he quickly saw the potential increase in his safety. Though Parker is not the most mechanically savvy, the installation instructions provided little headache connecting the simple 3-pin H4 headlight to the modulator, and with a built-in safety MOSFET system he knew that even if this device did fail on him, his low beam wouldn't be affected at all, still allowing him to see and be seen. Also, Parker learned how to set the daylight sensor, giving him control over how much modulation would occur during nighttime or daytime driving.

Though the commuters are still out there, destined to blend in with the crowd, Parker and his sport bike will always have that extra difference that will help keep the commuters' eyes on him and not in their daydreams.

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