Harley-Davidson Aileron Hand Grip Kit

Chrome Black Rubber

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Harley-Davidson Aileron Hand Grip Kit An unwitting failure with many grips is their uniformity. It would seem logical to have a round grip of rubber or foam because these materials offer vibration absorption and traction. The hand, however, has variable pressure positions, and most grips do not take this into account.

Harley's Aileron grip provides a solid chrome ridge for your fingers to rest around and a chrome panel for your thumb. The rest of the grip is friction-providing rubber to hold your glove as you roll the throttle. One might think that the strategically placed chrome would be too stiff and unforgiving, but the contours ease your fingers from one surface to the next and offer a reassuring place to grasp and better tactile feedback on the throttle.

The combination of materials gives the Aileron a beautiful contrast that brings out the chrome. In addition to the ridge, which extends to the end of the grip, the Aileron has a chrome ring base. Since they are so pretty, Harley designed these grips with a glue-less installation to ensure you'll be able to take them off and put them on without messing them up.

A 1.5 inch diameter gives these grips a comfortable resting width. My natural grip is not perfectly round -- it is more oblong, so the chrome ridge will nestle right behind the finger joints and lessen fatigue. At around $70, these are a reasonable deal for Harley grips with the added beauty of chrome.

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