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AFX Pilot Motorcycle Helmet One year I rode from Portland, Oregon to Reno, Nevada with a bunch of friends. Up until that year I had been riding around wearing a tiny little half-shell that I bought at a fundraiser for a certain club. It had a Joker skull on it, grinning away. It was completely not DOT approved (I had a printed-out DOT sticker on the back, leftover from my younger days when we would print out hundreds of them at home and hand them out at bike runs). Unfortunately it was also not approved at all by my friends, and so before we headed to Reno we stopped by our local motorcycle superstore and I picked out an actual helmet. I settled for an open-face helmet with a shield that you could raise or lower in increments. It was way larger than anything I'd ever worn before and I felt like Marvin the Martian. I ran around the store yelling "Where is the earth-shattering Kaboom??"

I wore the helmet to Reno. Halfway there, one of the brackets cracked -- the one that allowed the shield to raise and lower -- and for the rest of the trip, every time I turned my head just so, the wind would grab that visor and whip it up, flinging my head back. My friends thought it was hilarious.

Oh, how I wish I'd had this AFX FX-42 Pilot Open Face Motorcycle Helmet. The design is wind-friendly, the visor brackets are sturdy and reliable, the shield is lightly shaded for sun protection, the patent black color is smokin', and it in no way resembles Marvin the Martian. Not only that, but AFX is known for building high-end helmets at a moderate price.

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