Youth MX Body Armor, Jafrum Vega

Motorcycle Adjustable Chest Protector

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Youth Motocross Chest Protector The similar appearance of chest protectors and insect exoskeletons is far from accidental. Bugs can survive a lot of abuse. Their hard shells have allowed them to endure more damage than you'll ever see on the motocross circuit, so take a page from their book.

The Vega motocross chest protector, made by Jafrum, has a high coverage thermoplastic shell. This is a youth model and will help prevent those bumps and breaks that could turn a youth to creaky, cranky adult. One of my buddies lived a rambunctious, gear-free childhood and he looks 50 at 40... and I'll hear words about that comment later.

Chrome shoulder shells provide a solid structure where you need it most. All of this rigid construction needs to fit right, or it will be maddeningly uncomfortable -- so this protector is adjustable everywhere: body, shoulders, arms, etc. The adjustable straps are one-hand pop clips to make putting this on and off easy.

Just like shells provide bugs with protection, this exoskeleton will keep you securely behind a barrier that will take the rocks, mud, and ground impact. It is vented for comfort and pretty easy to clean. You'll be able to wear this under a shirt, but I wouldn't recommend having this against your skin. This is not one of those undershirt/armor combos.

I won't lie; there is better stuff out there, but not for this price. If this is all the protection you need, it's a bargain.

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