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Xena XX14 Disc Lock AlarmAfter dragging a chain around for some years, I finally realized there might be an easier (and cleaner) way of securing my bike. A simple padlock attached to the front disc made me feel just as secure, and took up far less space in my limited onboard storage.

Now, you can purchase a disc lock that's also an alarm. The Xena Disc Lock Alarm has a cast stainless steel body with a 14mm carbide reinforced pin. With smooth and rounded edges, it's a nice looking piece, while the shape is also intended to discourage a hacksaw's bite. At 2 3/8" tall, 3 3/8" long, about 2" wide, and weighing just over one pound six ounces, stowing the lock should be doable for all but the leanest bikes.

The alarm is rated at 120 dB. That's a lot of "loud" from a small package! It's also motion sensitive, and if the bike is disturbed, the alarm will sound for 12-15 seconds, then shut off and re-arm itself. The alarm will continue to sound off with continued motion, of course.

This is Xena's latest version of their disc lock alarm; the earlier versions used a six-pack of batteries whereas the XX14s use a single and more powerful CR2 battery. In an interesting twist, they also made the alarm easily removable. So if you just want the lock without the alarm, you got it.

Designed to lock in the cut-outs in the brake disc, not the water drain holes, you can go to Xena's main page where you'll find a link labeled: "Which lock fits my motorcycle's brake disc?" It's a sizing walk-through if you decide you need one of these locks.

A traditional combination lock might be more your style, like this one from OnGuard that also includes a retractable cable.

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