Wolfsnout Dust Face Mask

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Posted by Andy

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Dust, by definition, is annoying. It gets everywhere, on everything, and can make normal activities like seeing and breathing somewhat difficult during your outdoor adventure. Sure, the excitement of getting out on your dirt bike or ATV might be enough motivation to deal with all the dust that’s involved, but sometimes it’s impossible to enjoy the ride if you’re too busy coughing up dust balls half the time. There are a ton of masks out on the market, but the Wolfsnout Pro Race Series Dust Mask is one of the better ones.

Having become one of the more popular dusk masks for basically all off-road motorsports, the Wolfsnout dust cover lives up to its name by being comfortable and easy to use. It’s made out of filter foam, here in the USA, and unlike neoprene or paper dust masks, it doesn’t require you to “clamp” it to your nose, or cause your goggles to lose their seal and cause dust to get in your eyes. The filter foam is designed for air flow. You can breathe normally, either through your nose or your mouth, without any restriction of fresh air. The Wolfsnout doesn’t get super hot, either. You won’t be dying to take it off just so you can take a breath. The only draw back is that the Wolfsnout will only work with a full face helmet, but that should be the helmet of choice when playing on motorized craft while out in nature. The Wolfsnout is also easy to clean -- just use a little dishsoap and water and hang dry.

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