Trimax Disc Lock for Bike or Motorcycle

Anti Theft Metal Chrome T665LC

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Trimax Disc Lock for Bike or Motorcycle In today's society, it seems like there really isn't much consequence to those who would feel content to take your motorcycle from its happy little parking spot and steal it without thinking twice. Sure, the police will try and help if they can, but typically with my experience, the only time a stolen motorcycle is found is when it was abandoned in a ditch somewhere 15 miles away because the screwdriver they jammed in the ignition didn't start the bike right up like they thought, and someone notices it and calls. It's too easy to forget that there are people out there that have that kind of disrespect for another person's property -- and life in general.

Well, if you want to give the crooks something to think twice about, try throwing one of these Trimax Hardended Metal Disc Locks on your brake rotor and see if they still want to push it down the street. It features a 10mm pin with a long throat and has been hardened to resist cutting, sawing, and even chisel attacks to the lock. The round key lock cores are anti-drill and won't open the lock by trying. The whole thing comes in an easy carrying case, and it includes 3 keys (one containing a small flashlight for installing at night). It also comes with the reminder cable; that way, it will be hard to forget you put the lock on before you try driving off.

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