Thor 50/50 Men’s MX Short Boot

Lightweight In Brown, White or Black

Posted by Andy

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Thor 50/50 Men's MX Short Boot Thundering from the heavens, the mighty Thor thrusts his magic hammer towards his foe. Mjölnir flies towards its target at unparalleled speed and force, but bounces off of the foot of the enemy. As his mighty jaw drops, the God of Thunder lets slip one word from his lips: "How?" But before an answer is given, the boot with his own name upon it strikes him in the face, and renders him unconscious.

The Thor 50/50 Boots may not actually be able to knock a Greek God senseless, but are mystical in the sense that they weigh just as much as a dozen extra large eggs. That's only 27 ounces for those of us who didn't grow up on the farm. Though they're light in the weight department, the 50/50 Boots are still pretty tough. They use a lightweight injection-molded outsole with a specific aggressive lug pattern to increase durability. They have a reinforced medial area with extra padding against the frame of the boot for added comfort, too. They're available in Black, Brown, and White and each contain adjustable "positive-lock" aluminum buckles. At less than half the weight of normal riding boots, these guys would work really well for anyone who has any leg or hip problems. They fit over the ankle fine, but are lacking in calf protection. If you want some taller boots, look at these armored Puma boots.

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