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Stebel Magnum Dual Tone Mount

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Stebel Magnum Motorcycle Horns Kit There are noble and ignoble uses for a really loud horn. Letting that 16-year-old, who's been given a license to wield a 2-ton deadly weapon, know that they are about to do something that everyone will regret is a perfectly valid reason to add to their elder-year deafness with a 139 dB blast. Being that jerk who wants to alert his carpool buddy across the street every morning at 7 a.m. is not a valid reason to hit the horn.

For those of you who need to be able to make a big noise in a big hurry, I've always been fond of Stebel Horns. Their Magnum is a set of electromagnetic horns designed for a universal fit. You receive a high-tone horn and a low-tone horn to cover the spectrum and ensure that heads will be turned and breaks will be tapped.

Along with the horns, Stebel's kit includes a 30 amp relay, four mounting brackets, and instructions. Some bikes might need additional fasteners, but you know where the hardware store is, or at least you should.

The whole setup is small, at 3-7/8 inches by 3-3/4 inches by 3-1/4 inches. The chrome finish will nicely nestle in with just about any bike. Also, and this is completely personal, I like the suggested look of the logarithmic snail-shell spiral -- very classy.

A steal for $35, Stebel Horns have a 1/2-year warranty. Admittedly, that's kind of a disappointing duration, but most riders are satisfied well beyond that time limit. You might need a few extra items for installation, such as wire, but that's just another reason to familiarize yourself with the local hardware store.

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