SparX Retro Motorcycle Helmet, Black

Open Face Anti Fog Vented Clear or Smoke Shield, FC-07

Posted by Andy

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SparX Retro Motorcycle Helmet, Black There are practically millions of helmets out there on the market to choose from these days. Some argue that full-face are the only ones worth wearing; others argue helmets shouldn't even be worn and that the half shells are good enough. That's where I say the open face helmets are a great alternative. SparX makes a nice retro-style open face helmet that can contend with some of the other better-known manufacturers out there.

The SparX FC-07 Retro Helmet features a pretty unique in-visor anti-fog ventilation system. Basically, there are a couple of vents that circulate air inside the visor (between the front and the back of the lens) which virtually eliminates fog as long as you're moving. This is in addition to the regular vents on the top of the helmet that circulate air in your head, keeping you cool on those hundred-degree scorcher days. The visor also has SparX's quick release tool-less ratchet system, making it easy to swap clear to smoke visors on the go. Another great feature is that this DOT helmet comes with a 5-year warranty for manufacturing defects and is part of SparX's Crashed Helmet Program. They'll send you a replacement helmet if you send them your wrecked helmet with a statement on how it protected you and a copy of the police report for the crash. This is an awesome program, I know too many people that have gone down and not replaced their helmets because they can't afford it.

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