Smith Intake Enduro Goggles

Vented Anti Fog Black or Blue Frame w/ Clear Fuel Lens

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Smith Intake Enduro Goggles When riding off-road, the slower speeds and warm conditions can lead to heat build-up and fogging in conventional goggles. The Smith Intake Enduro Goggles, as the name would imply, have built-in venting. The Intake goggles have on-demand vents that direct air into the goggle body. The venting system is actually quite effective. Another nice feature is that the venting system lies outside the tear-off posts, so tear-offs don't interfere with the airflow.

The Smith Intake Enduro Goggles also feature a dual-pane anti-fog clear lens and two-layer face foam. The all-new frame design is offered in three injection-molded colors: black, clear, and blue.

An added benefit is that Smith designed the new frame around the Fuel lens, so lenses are interchangeable with other Smith goggles. The strap is nice and wide and is backed with gripper silicone so it will stay in place.

The only negative I see with the Intake Enduros is that the peripheral view is slightly more limited than some other goggles I've used. However, this is a minor thing when weighed against the big upside to these goggles.

The Intake Enduro Goggles are made in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty.

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