Shoei Spectra Blue Tinted Shield

Helmet Visor Metallic CX-1V

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Shoei Spectra Blue Tinted Shield I don't tend to wear sunglasses. After breaking pair after pair and losing the ones I didn't break, I just gave up on it. So, I'm left in a bit of a pinch when the sun is near the horizon. Having a tinted shield for day riding frees you from even having to consider the solar cycles, so long as you have a secure place on your bike for a clear shield after dark.

As far as tinted shields go, Shoei's CX-1V Spectra Blue is always a solid buy. The reflective tint, which consists of metallic compounds applied in a vacuum chamber, deflects the rays that are harmful and blinding. You shouldn't need any additional sun protection, but if you do want to wear sunglasses too, some riders have said the polarized shades create an odd effect with this visor. The CX-1V provides 100-percent UV protection and has an anti-scratch coating.

What this shield doesn't have is anything to prevent smudges. Fingerprints show up pretty prominently on the metallic surface, so you might want to bring a polishing cloth if you're concerned about your appearance. When polished, the reflective rainbow surface gives the CX-1V an air of mystery and mystique.

Riding downtown where the lights shine all night isn't a problem, but otherwise this is a bit on the dark side for night riding. Fortunately, Shoei made sure this shield switches quickly, and the mechanism is one that feels sure and solid.

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