Shoei RF-1000 Flutter Motorcycle Helmet

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Shoei RF-1000 Flutter HelmetShoei is known as an industry leader when it comes to making stylish but safe helmets. This one is no exception.

The 'Flutter' presumably refers to its aerodynamic styling. This has been tested extensively with riders. Shoei claims this leads to a less turbulent ride due to the integrated upper and lower air intakes.

This helmet is a composite of performance fiber and elastic organic fiber, creating a shell that is at the same time firm, resilient, and ultra light in weight.

Cheek pads and chin strap are removable and washable. The pads are available in several different sizes for a snug fit.

The curved shield is designed to increase peripheral vision. It features a scratch-resistant coating and 100% ultraviolet A/B blocking. A lock lever secures it in place to ensure it doesn't open while riding.

Here's a Shoei helmet designed more for off-road use: the VFX-W.

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