Shoei Multitec Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Flip Shield for Touring in Black, Silver, Blue

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Shoei Modular Helmet, Flip Shield For years, the Shoei Syncrotec Helmet has been a favorite of the touring and adventure-touring segments of the motorcycling world. It is a solid and functional flip-up (a.k.a. modular) helmet. There is little doubt that the helmet that has replaced the Syncrotec will become a favorite as well.

The helmet in question is the new Shoei Multitec. This latest incarnation of the modular helmet is Shoei's attempt to refine the design even more. The Multitec has some interesting improvements. In fact, the redesign is all-encompassing. The most notable change is in shell aerodynamics. The new shell shape is a big improvement and not only reduces rider fatigue; it reduces wind noise as well. Interior comfort has also been enhanced with a redesigned interior. Speaking of interior, long-time Shoei wearers should note that the Multitec's shape seems to be a bit more round than most other Shoeis. If you have the traditional "Shoei head", you'd better try the Multitec on before buying. This new shape may be good news for those with a head shape that has fit more comfortably into the traditional shape of Arai helmets.

No doubt about it, the Multitec takes flip-up helmet design to a new level. When you consider the decade-long popularity of the Syncrotec, the newer and better design of the Multitec will certainly be a big seller. The Multitec is DOT certified, but like all helmets of the modular design, it does not qualify for Snell certification.

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