Scorpion Open Face Skull Helmet, Black

Polycarbonate Spitfire EXO-100

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Scorpion Spitfire Open Face Helmet Full-face helmets are not for everyone. The claustrophobic, for instance, might find them restrictive. Heck, I find them restrictive and I'm one of their most avid defenders. I'm inclined toward the half helmets for their style and the wind-in-your-face experience. Scorpion's Spitfire is a nice compromise if you're ever feeling the urge to leave the helmet at home, but aren't prepared to ignore your brain's plea for self preservation.

The polycarbonate shell of the Scorpion EXO-100 Spitfire is DOT approved. This brain bucket passes the test for legality and still lets the wind rush over your face. DOT approval does leave it a little bigger than unapproved helmets.

The heat of summer is one of the greatest forces driving me away from the full hemet. Sometimes you just can't get enough ventilation without cutting half the helmet away. Even in this half shell, you might find your head sweats, so the liner is kwikwick and washable. The ear curtain is also removable, but you'll need ear plugs without it.

As far as appearance is concerned, the Spitfire would benefit by ditching the external sun visor. Fortunately, that visor is removable and leaves the helmet looking appealingly simple. The only other complaint I have is the Scorpion brand "S" on the front. I'll bet you dimes to dollars that can be taken off with some creativity. The sneaky skulls peeking out from around the subtle flames make a sweet graphic that doesn't verge on cheesy.

The retractable no-fog face shield lets your ride eyewear-free if you're going around the neighborhood and then flip to speed-worthy if you decide to bug out of town. The light smoke tint gives you a bit of sun protection but isn't too dark for most night riding.

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