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Riders Passion Console MountedThe warmest it is going to get today in my part of this fine state of Michigan is 48 degrees Fahrenheit. I almost wish I didn't know that. I might be willing to tough out an under-geared ride at 40 degrees if I didn't know it was 40 degrees. Of course, that could be hazardous to my health.

Riders Passion's pretty little console mounted thermometer will let you know when you've reached your climate milestones. Cold is not your only threat, heat can also do its damage. Sometimes it's just nice to look down at that little dot of a thermometer and think about how bloody perfect the day is.

Although it is designed to replace the console washer on Harley's Road King, you can mount the Riders Passion thermometer to any tank bib or tank strap. It mounts with a hidden short bolt or 3M double-sided mounting tape. Constructed of chrome plated aircraft grade aluminum, mineral glass crystals, and made to withstand water, vibration, and shock, this console thermometer won't shy away from rugged road use.

This thermometer, with luminous dial for night use, won't be an obtrusive eyesore like those cheap plastic thermometers. One more useful gauge with a shiny case can add to the appeal of your mechanical wonder and, if you're going for a steam punk theme, another dial gauge is always welcome. How welcome you find the $50 price is a matter of opinion.

I still haven't seen a biker barometer. I'd like to know if I'm riding into thunderstorm or away from one. Knowing there's hope down the road can keep me on it. I suppose, for now, knowing if I ought to pull over to prevent hypothermia is good enough.

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