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Gold Eagle Custom Grips

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RiderCraft Gold Eagle MotorcycleThe symbol of the eagle is a notable part of motorcycle culture. The association of the beauty of a functional form is obvious between the bike and the bird, but the symbol also embraces the nature of the riders who exercise their liberty to travel the world, uninhibited and unrestrained. Freedom, grace, and power are characteristics of the raptor and the rider.

Due to the power of the symbol, a few notable motorcycle manufacturers have adopted the eagle as their trademark. RiderCraft's Gold Eagle grips bear an eagle motif worked into two-tone, genuine leather. The artistry is reminiscent of the golden age of tattoos and the patriotism of the World War II era, which is indivisible from the history of motorcycles.

These unique grips are capped with polished metal eagle's heads, making them as much a work of sculpted art as hand grips. Metal, leather, and the eagle emblem will reflect the heritage of the motorcycle community in a way that is distinct from the stamped-metal relief art of many aftermarket parts. If you are working with the eagle theme in your vision for your bike, these grips will fit in with a brazen proclamation of your style. They could never be considered subtle, so be prepared to be noticed.

Harley-Davidson makes another comfortable grip set to consider in their Diamond Black collection.

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