Pit Posse Motorcycle Swingarm Streetbike Stand

Rear Paddock

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Pit Posse Motorcycle SwingarmIf you own a sport bike, or any bike without a center stand, then a good swingarm stand is a valuable and relatively inexpensive tool for fluid changes, tire changes, chain adjustments or just holding your ride up.

Pit Posse's rear paddock race swingarm stand claims to be fresh off the drawing board. While it certainly doesn't break any barriers in design or functionality when it comes to swingarm stands, it does have all the ingredients of a decent stand.

The black stand can be used with or without spools. It's designed to fit a wide variety of bikes with an adjustable width range of 8-3/4 to 13-3/4. It's also built out of solid 1 1/2 inch tubing.

One of the biggest things that seem to set quality swingarm stands apart from mediocre ones is good wheels. The Pit Posse stand has 4 big wheels. Nice wheels not only help with a smooth transition from the ground up but twice the amount of wheels on each side offer twice the support and displace the weight across a wider footprint.

The Pit Posse stand isn't the cheapest stand out there, but it isn't the most expensive either. Regardless, a solid stand is a good investment for any rider and is a must for routine maintenance.

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