Cardo Scala Rider PowerSet G4

Motorcycle Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Headset, GPS

Posted by Tim

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom HeadsetMotorcycle intercom systems have never been high on my gadget priority list for one reason: I seldom carry a passenger. However, I do often ride in a group, and thus my interest has been piqued by the Scala Rider G4 PowerSet and its list of unique features.

I'm going to cut immediately to the chase. This system has a bike-to-bike intercom range of up to a mile. I can think of several instances in my recent riding history where this feature would have made life easier. Those of you who ride with other bikers know what I'm talking about. It is very easy to become separated, especially at crucial times in cities. The G4 PowerSet would be a huge plus in situations like that. Think of another common situation. One rider's gas gauge reading low? Instead of dangerous maneuvers to catch up and give some hand signal, with this intercom system, all riders can be easily brought up to speed on the situation.

The Powerset's unique system allows communication between two bikers and two passengers or among three separate bikers. It is also made more versatile by multi-device connectivity (think Bluetooth, iPod, etc.). The unit even has the ability to transmit useful information regarding the connectivity status to other bikers.

In short, the Scala Rider G4 PowerSet is a powerful and rider-friendly communication tool. The unit is becoming very popular with touring riders because of its amazing versatility. It has me rethinking my view of motorcycle intercoms.

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