Moose Racing Guard Pipe

KTM 250-300 CBN-FBR MPG2504

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Moose Racing Guard Pipe For some reason the expansion chamber on a two-stroke is like a massive magnet for dent-inducing rocks and roots when you're out on the trail. A new pipe isn't cheap, so protecting the one you have it is a good idea, especially when you consider all the abuse the underside of the bike goes through when pounding through the trails.

Moose Racing has long been a player in the world of off-road accessories and bike protection. This baby is their cream of the crop model for all KTM 250 and 300 two-stroke models from 2004-2008. It's made from an ultra-tough combo of carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and high temp resin. Moose promises its carbon fiber is eight times stronger and twice as stiff as aluminum, yet still 1.5 times lighter. That pretty much equates to superior protection without making a sacrifice in the weight department.

Besides the added protection it offers, the carbon fiber pipe guard is pretty slick-looking. It connects via a few hose clamps. If your pipe is chromed, which most of the KTM stock pipes are, be aware that it may scratch up the finish a bit. One other drawback is the price. When the cost of protecting your pipe is virtually the same as replacing it, that makes it rather hard to justify the purchase. If greenbacks are of no concern to you though, and you want the absolute best protection possible, then this pipe guard is worth the dough.

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