Mohawk for Motorcycle Helmet Decal

Warhawks Sawblade, Unevenblade or Evenblade

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Mohawk for Motorcycle Helmet Decal My friend Angel is a beautiful blonde who rides a huge, black V-Star. One of her riding accessories is a pair of long blonde synthetic braids that she has glued to the sides of her helmet. Angel gets a lot of double-takes as she flies down the road and people see those blonde braids flapping in the wind. I myself collect little red devil horns that I regularly super-glue to my helmet and then replace as they get broken or knocked off. You see, the helmet, once merely a place to put a sticker or 20, has now become another place to affix the head accessory of your choice.

I think my devil horns will have to be replaced by one of these Mohawks. These Mohawks are made of sturdy material and come in several styles: Sawblade, Unevenblade, and Evenblade. They come 17 inches long and can be cut to size to fit any helmet. You can even buy two of them and create a duo-hawk, or 3 of them for a tri-hawk. They are all 3 millimeters wide, and they peel-and-stick to any helmet. They are tested for over 200 mph, so if you tend to ride faster than that, well, your Mohawk is probably the least of your concerns.

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