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Lucky Bike Super LED Carbon TurnSome people think I'm wasteful because I like frivolous accessories. Those people are dead wrong. I'm against waste in all forms and fashions. I do like to decorate my bike with a little leather, which is technically unnecessary, but I wouldn't call that wasteful. Now, big traditional-style turn signals are definitely wasteful.

Lucky Bike's universal Super LED turn signals save space and electricity. These will use so little juice that you might want to add resistors to prevent your bike's systems from mistakenly thinking you've blown a bulb. The lenses of these signal lights are 3 inches long and 1-1/8 inch wide. They have a metric thread of 10 mm on a 3/4-inch-long stud.

Where these do twice the work of other LED signs is in the dual lens system. The back and the front of each light functions as an indicator. The front burns proud with a 24 LED cluster, and the back lights up surprisingly bright for its measly 5 LEDs. Dual sided indicators make you that much more obvious from that many more angles. I would recommend these for the rear rather than the front, however, because you don't necessarily want to be disturbing your night vision by having that light flashing in your face.

There are enough LED signals out there to make it worth looking around, but the dual sided indicator is not as common. The carbon fiber design on the base will be a great match for carbon fiber armor riding gear, and the $28 price tag will be a great match for any wallet.

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