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License Plate Frame LPB-16

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Kisan VectraLight Motorcycle LicenseFor safety purposes, I think we need to install lockboxes in every car, and you shouldn't be able to drive until your cellphone is put safely out of reach. Accidental cell phone deaths outstrip accidental gun deaths, so the same rules ought to apply. Unfortunately, people are still able to talk, text, and be generally idiotic on the road, so the burden to catch their attention falls to us. Communication methods are limited on the roads, so you know what that means: lights, lights, lights.

Kisan Technologies is looking out for your rear end, literally. The VectraLight motorcycle license plate frame has running lights, progressive turn signals, and a moderated brake light to add to your visibility. These LED lights are intended to be used in addition to your stock lights and use so little power that you can clip them into your light and signal wires with the provided T-Tap connectors.

The brake light will begin flashing as soon as you tap your brakes and gradually slow to a steady "on" in 4 seconds time. The running light feature is optional, and (if you want) the lights will stay on at a reduced intensity. The VectraLight electronics are housed in weather-proof polycarbonate. At new retail value, the VectraLight is about $100, but the extra visibility makes it well worth the money.

Here's another frame you might like -- and it comes with white LEDs as well.

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