Kevlar Draggin’ Shirt, Black Mesh

Motorcycle Unisex Undershirt by Fasst

Posted by Andy

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Kevlar Draggin' Shirt, Black Mesh I'm a fan of pretty much anything that saves my skin. Sure, I try not to cry in front of the ladies if I cut myself with a knife or slam my finger in the car door, but that's just to look tough. I don't think I'd get up and brush off a fall from my bike where the skin from my shoulder is gone. The cool thing is that there are products like this Kevlar undershirt that can protect without making you look too "geared up."

Fasst makes this Kevlar Mesh Motorcycle undershirt called the Draggin' Shirt. Made out of 100% Kevlar, this shirt is designed to save the skin on your arms, back, and chest from coming into contact with the asphalt and causing some major pain. I don't, however, recommend trying to jump in front of bullets, though; it's not designed for that. The mesh design helps circulate air to keep you cool in the summer and can act like a pair of long johns in the winter for extra warmth. The arms are longer cut than most sweatshirts to accommodate for the riding position, and being unisex helps keep everyone protected. The shoulders and elbows have a double layer of Kevlar protection, too. They're made in the USA, which is always a big plus (go economy!). The only thing I've found is that though the Draggin' Shirt is comfortable, it's still a little rough right up against your skin. I recommend wearing a thin undershirt beneath this guy, but my skin is like a delicate flower, so maybe it won't bug you at all.

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