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Skull Nomad – Death or Glory

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KBC Nomad Death Or Glory The KBC Ed Hardy "Death or Glory" Nomad brings me a weird kind of joy. The Ed Hardy tattoo designs, which don't shirk their responsibility of transmitting a certain disregard for an under-lived life, give this helmet an uncompromising look.

This particular model of the Nomad is in no way subtle, bearing vivid designs on a matte black background without any artificial shadowing or gradation. A strip of red on the strap stands out as the most overt color, and it emphasizes those strap-bound studs.

The appearance is the only reason anyone is going to buy this Nomad over another model. Don't be ashamed -- it's perfectly reasonable to be concerned about looks when there are so many great, DOT approved helmets on the market. What else is there to distinguish them but their style? And this Nomad has style in abundance.

So strong is the style, in fact, that you've probably already made up your mind about this helmet. Regardless of your decision, I will go one with the nitty gritty. The shell is constructed of fiberglass, and the liner is removable and washable.

Attuned to the attitude of those who choose to wear it, this is a bold and ballsy helmet. You are reducing your protection with a skullcap; it's an obvious downside. Maybe you won't fracture your skull, but you could still scrape off your face.

You can also find Ed Hardy's designs on KBC's "Born Free" helmet and their "Dead or Alive" helmet. Riders who have purchased this brain guard have not regretted their investment. Speaking of money, don't pay the $165 list price, because you should be able to find this for about $95 with some shopping around.

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