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Premium Black Leather

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Icon Womens Bombshell Motorcycle Boots We all love women riders, so it's nice to see Icon offering a pair of boots uniquely styled for the aggressive femininity of women of the road. Most of my riding boots have a distinctly masculine look because I buy them for comfort and safety. Icon's Bombshell boot embraces the necessities of riding without forgetting that fashion is not just for the leather-clad men.

Premium leather protects your feet from abrasion while ankle and insole padding keep your ride comfortable. The heels have metal plates, which would appear functional, but are there mostly to have a splash of shiny metal to complement the (as Icon calls it) "menage-a-quad" buckle design. For general wearability, there are ribbed calf expansion panels and a zipper closure system.

By far the first thing anyone is going to notice about these boots is their sensual form. In bad-girl black or good-girl white, this set of footwear speaks volumes about the wearer. In a world where femininity is no longer misread as vulnerability, Bombshell boots do have one potential drawback: narrow high heels. I would be skeptical about the stability of the heel, but it depends on the type of riding you prefer. The notch where one is inclined to stand on the peg will be secure, but it will also be so far from your foot that feedback could be poor. If you're a woman well-versed in heels, it won't be a problem.

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